Travelindex Achieves 2950% Growth in Web Traffic Rank

Singapore (Singapore) – October 24, 2013 – Travelindex successful growth in web traffic rank has been recognized by Signl, a company monitoring the fastest growing companies across more than 500 industries.

travelindex_growthData on private companies used to be scarce, and facts on public companies beyond their SEC filings were hard to come by. Today, there is a huge amount of information out there, much of it generated by the Internet. But that creates a whole new hurdle.

Huge volumes of data and news are completely overwhelming. Who can keep track of all the new companies, technologies, and trends we hear about every day? Inevitably, amidst the chaos, we will miss patterns, or fail to see which ones are important. That’s where Signl comes in.

Signl strips out the noise and focuses on key indicators of business growth. We calculate Momentum Scores for over 1M companies by aggregating, quantifying, and cross-referencing modern data such as web traffic, media coverage, app downloads, and social buzz—as well as more traditional business data, like hiring patterns and income. And we report the results in a clean, personalized interface so you can monitor the growth rate of precisely the companies you’re interested in following, in real-time.

With Signl, you get news, data, and insights that matter to you, distilled into current, customized, targeted information that you can actually use, right now. With our comprehensive and timely information tailored just for you, you’ll never be overwhelmed, or miss out on a company or technology that’s taking off, ever again.

Using Momentum Score as our primary metric, Signl lets you rank companies in any context you’re interested in. Our tracking features make it easy to maintain a streamlined list of all the companies you’re following. Rank companies by industry, region, segment, maturity, and start-up funding level (if applicable) for insights into each space. Find new companies based on your preferences, and receive custom data story alerts. Signl delivers relevant rankings and pre-news developments–fast–and gives you the tools to get at the heart of the data, and a step ahead of the competition.

Media contact:
Ms. Nicole Lim
Travelindex Media Group
Tel. +65 83 154 920

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