The Worlds Most Travelled Person Joins Travelindex as Brand Ambassador

London (United Kingdom) – March 23, 2017 ( – Fred W Finn, the ‘Worlds Most Travelled Person’ has joined Travelindex as Global Brand Ambassador. Fred Finn is a well-known public figure. A career that involved considerable business travel started his love affair with travel and in particular his well-documented record breaking flights in Concorde. Over some thirty years, he has been employed, involved and engaged with many leading names in the aviation and travel related business and is recognised as a leading figure in the travel industry.

His travel experience and knowledge closely linked to his media and commercial activities enhance and support, all the bespoke travel and tour services provided by leading travel and tour operators. He also provides regularly updated travel tips, advice and destination information to a wider audience.

Honours & Achievements
As the world’s most travelled person he has the distinction of achieving something that no other human being has accomplished. In 1983 his records were ratified by The Guinness Book of Records: Frederick W Finn has flown a total distance of 24,140,160 km (15,000,000 miles) and holds the record for most number of flights as a supersonic passenger having made 718 Atlantic crossings on Concorde.

With related travel this equates to 33 round trips to the moon or 671 circuits of the globe, his record breaking 718 flights in Concorde will never be broken as Concorde reached the end of its commercial life.

Fred is also the Ambassador of Tourism for Kenya, International Property and Hotel Awards Judge, Travel Editor of the International Property and Travel magazine, Chief Inspector for the International Hotel Awards. He has a close following on Trip Advisor with 70,000 readers. He is the Co-Founder of Quicket, No.1 mobile travel APP. Fred is recently the co-founder and director of Exclusivetravel4U, a specialist travel consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

“I am delighted to join Travelindex as Global Brand Ambassador. Travelindex is one of the leading innovators in travel content distribution and discovery with a vision to change how travel is planned and booked by advocating universal and equitable access to information. Destination marketing organisations, hotel groups, airlines and thousand of smaller operators in the tourism sector trust the Travelindex brand as a key contributor to their digital brand strategy.” said Fred.

Bernard Metzger, Founder of Travelindex, said “For over 30 years Fred Finn has been involved and engaged with most leading names in aviation and travel and is recognised as a preeminent figure in the travel industry. Fred is not only well-known for his travel records, but he is also seen as a trusted and reliable person. He has always been honest about his findings when making recommendations about flights, destinations, hotels, restaurants and what happens in the tourism industry. I am proud to say that Fred W Finn is working with us at Travelindex.”

About Travelindex:
Travelindex is a company focused on developing data-driven travel discovery and travel planning products. The Company owns digital media products, brands and a technology framework helping businesses create online marketing solutions. Travelindex puts a priority on the integration of sustainability into distribution and management systems to bring tangible benefits to its partners and clients helping them to improve reputation and goodwill.

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