Global Tourism Economy Forum Macau Sets Sights on Future

Macau (Macau SAR) – October 3, 2013 – The second edition of “Global Tourism Economy Forum”, one of the most prominent international events of the year, concluded with tremendous success on 19 September after the three day activities. Over 1,000 delegates and speakers gathered in Macau to seek new development paths for the industry. They came from different countries and cities around the world, including delegations from more than 10 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in Mainland China, with approximately 180 local and overseas media representatives covering the event.

pansy-ho-bernard-metzgerMacau is a UNESCO Heritage city offering the perfect balance of cultural heritage and urban modernity. Billion-dollar investments have transformed Macau into the world’s premier entertainment and leisure destination. Macau Tower is the most iconic landmark in the city offering contemporary business facilities as well as exciting leisure amusements such as the world’s highest commercial bungy jump.

Ms. Pansy Ho, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Global Tourism Economy Forum, concluded this edition of the GTE Forum, “To maximize the benefit from the continued tremendous growth potential of tourism, we must optimize what we have in terms of hardware and software. Resources should be shared to gain shared or mutual benefits. Creating a system of hubs, which extends to all destinations, with comprehensive transport support network connecting all the touch points, will simplify travel and promote personal mobility. Sharing business resources, be it knowledge, technical know how or human capital, will benefit all the industries in the tourism economy.

Mr. Bernard A. Metzger founder of Travelindex Media Group and of the Travel & Tourism Foundation attended this year’s “Global Tourism Economy Forum in Macau held from September 17th to 19th. This massive conference and partnering event brought together over 1,000 delegates from all parts of the world’s travel and tourism industry.

This year for the first time, Travelindex was present as a Media Partner for the event. The event was a success for Travelindex and the Travel & Tourism Foundation with the identification of many partnership opportunities for expansion into Mainland China.

The third edition of the “Global Tourism Economy Forum” will be held once again in Macau next year. The organizer is looking forward to extending the achievements of the first two editions and continuously facilitating its role as an international platform of high end business matching as well as tourism exchange and cooperation, allowing tourism industry partners from Mainland China to fully leverage the Forum as a springboard to achieve more Sino foreign tourism cooperation across industries, sectors and regions, so that the tourism industry can generate unlimited momentum for global economic rebound

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Photo: Ms. Pansy Ho, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Global Tourism Economy Forum and Bernard A. Metzger, Founder and Chairman of Travelindex Media Group and of the Travel & Tourism Foundation.

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