AirGuide & Travelindex Joining Forces for a Strategic Alliance

New York NY (USA) and Bangkok (Thailand) (AirGuide – Pyramid Media Group) June 22, 2012 – Pyramid Media Group’s AirGuide and Travelindex are joining forces for a strategic alliance to share content and promote each other’s brands in the travel B2C and B2B markets.

AirGuideOnline-Travel-IndexTravelindex has one the largest vertical marketing travel channels in the world and features more than 400,000 hospitality and travel services listings with over 1 million visitors a month.


Travelindex also has a very strong presence in Asia, giving AirGuide a great opportunity to increase its exposure in those markets.


AirGuide will introduce and market Travelindex content, listings and advertising to its North American and European B2C and B2B audiences.

For more information or an interview please contact:
Aram Gesar, Director of Content
Air Guide, New York, NY, USA
Direct Tel: +1 646 770 2764 / +1 561 777 2055
Skype: pyramidmediagroup

Bernard A Metzger, CEO

About AirGuide:
AirGuide for the Frequent Flyer Magazine & are dedicated to air travel and designed for leisure and business travelers. AirGuide is filled with tips and advice and provides everything global travelers need to know to make intelligent decisions before, during and after a voyage. AirGuide features weekly airline and travel news, information on great travel deals, plus dynamic travel articles and provides indispensable information on all the world’s airlines and airports from check-in to check out. Web site:
AirGuide for the Frequent Flyer, AirGuide Business, CruiseGuide and Pyramid Media publications and content (news, reviews, advice and features) are delivered daily and weekly to more than 330,000 subscribers and to over 3.5 million though our syndication partners in more than 100 countries in over 20+ languages.

About Travelindex:
Travelindex is an online platform with listings and data for the travel industry where, in an environment of trust, all transactions and exchange of information are conducted directly. Travelindex connect travelers and travel professionals directly, allow free access and to share the travel listings, provides travelers and travel professionals with reliable, accessible and trustworthy sources of travel and tourism information. Travelindex gives businesses, in the 241 countries and destinations referenced in its listings, the opportunity to develop a network and community of contacts with the aim of enabling them to forge new alliances and get new customers. Travelindex has over 12.5 million visitors in 2011, Travelindex is fast becoming a leader in B2B and B2C travel relations and networking. Travelindex offers a vertical marketing channel, combining Top Positions, Priority Listings, and CPM Banner ads, advertiser are able to tailor their campaigns to reach the intended audience effectively with the highest ROI.

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